lördag 31 oktober 2009


Aah, how is it that some can't see the point in good poetry. Among them, American poet Robert Frost happens to be one of my many favorite poets. Among other great poems, he wrote "Fire and Ice"

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

Ive seen a much short-shorted version of this one that goes:

For destruction,
ice is nice
and will suffice.

fredag 30 oktober 2009


Just going to show you a few pretty autumn pics I took with my new phone :)

This is the "old" part of the library. I managed to grab a picture of it before the city's cleaning crew blew them all away. The plaza in front of the library building has actually been in repair since the beginning of summer, and they've just finished it. Sadly they already turned off the fountain (the one with the lion on top) for the winter.

And this of course, is the cathedral... Sadly, all the leaves have been cleaned away from here now too. We only live a few 100 m away from the church, so we only have to walk out on the balcony to see it in all it's glory. They're already starting to prepare the Brahe-park for the winter too; soon there will be only the naked trees and the empty flowerbeds left.

tisdag 27 oktober 2009

Wow, my new nokia phone...

...knows how to read blogger and lets me write this without making a big fuss. Only thing is, I still wanna have an iPhone. But I love my mom for giving it to me :)

måndag 26 oktober 2009

A new phone, as well as Helsinki Book, Food and Wine-expo


Harald, wearing his presents, and looking slightly annoyed

Oh my, what a busy weekend! Me and Micke had maybe planned in a bit too many things to do while visiting my parents in Kyrkslätt. My baby brother turned 25 years, and the poor brat had to ENDURE celebrating it with mam, dad, me + 3 of his friends from Vasa. Harald, Kalle, Fredrik and 'Anka' were in Helsinki the same weekend working their asses of for their final exam work (a news clip about file-sharing and piracy). We had carrot-cake *yum yum* and sparkling wine. Alas, we didn't sing any Happy Birthday.... But Harald still sat and did his "oh my God MOM I feel sooooo humiliated"-thing, so it didn't matter very much :)

This is a pic of Harald, wearing his present(s) from me and Micke. I actually knitted them myself *proud sister* but I think I made the tuque a bit too big...

Anther thing we did was spend the Sunday at Helsinki Finnexpo-center with Mimi, Mom and Dad and taking part in both the Book-expo and the Food&Wine-expo. Champagne, Greek food (oh nom nom halloumi!) and people selling old and musty tomes. Instant success.
We we're SO tired when we finally got back to Turku, but I must say I wouldn't hesitate to do it all again. :)

torsdag 22 oktober 2009

Reading and sleeping

Got myself a real good night's sleep last night. I will soooo never make fun of insomniacs ever again. (Not that I did to begin with either :P). Aaah, blissful 7-8 h of undisturbed sleep.

*aaaaah* *spaces out*

Now, let's get on with reading about glutamate and how it bypasses the blood-brain-barrier. Half of the equation is it's conversion into glutamine... now tell me the rest!

måndag 19 oktober 2009

Movies, now in 3D!

Last Saturday, me and Micke went to see the new animated Pixar-movie "Up". What we didn't know was that it was showing at Kinopalatsi in 3D. So, we got to try out the whole 'weird-space-googgles-on-top-of-our-regular-glasses' kind of thing. When you got used to the extra weight on your nose, it turned out to be pretty okay. Actually, it was kinda neat... *geeks out a little*
So, the movie is all about this old man Carl who, at the death of his beloved wife Ellie, comes to the conclusion that LIFE somehow had gotten in the way of the DREAMS they had made up together so long ago. And now, at her death, these dreams are in danger of NEVER becoming reality. Long story short: he sets out to realize the "Big Adventure" his wife and him had created. Which was moving to the legendary "Paradise Falls" in Venezuela.
I must say I was so touched by the movie, not just because of the "pixar-story" or the art, but because of the entire message he movie brings you. The one about realizing your dreams before it turns out to be too late.
Oh, and my favorite scene from the movie is when *SPOILERS!* the dog Dug scratches at Carl's front door and admits in a small voice that "I was hiding under your porch, because I love you". This happening after Carl having previously been angry at both Dug and Russel (another character). The whole scene drips of canine uncertainty, and it's SO heart-aching it's unbelievable.

SO, Up gets 5 stars out of 5 from me. Go see it yourself!

torsdag 15 oktober 2009

Yesterday I went to the library

Turku has a lot of libraries, but the most magnificent is the new and improved city library. A few years back, when it was just the old building, I loved it because of how it smelled and how it felt to walk around inside it. Since the new wing opened to the public, and they finished the repairs on the old, the library have newer looked better. It changed overnight into a true "public room", and most of it is thanks to the lovely yellow chairs and the feeling of space. I never realized how cramped the old building was until I set foot in the new one. You can see all the way up to the third floor, as the architects opted for a "terrace-like" build with a grand stairwell in the middle of it all. The bookshelves in sturdy wood along with a lot of lights everywhere creates a really warm atmosphere. Perfect for reading.

Anyway, I went to the library mainly to get away for a while. You know, get a little lost in space; become terra incognita. I read a book about knitting, learned a thing or two in the process, and read through my thesis with no great hurry. Felt... nice.

Sometimes all you want to have is peace.

onsdag 14 oktober 2009

the Nobelprize of 2009

I've been following the awarding of the Nobelprize since I went to upper secondary school (yupp, that's a long time). In the beginning, I didn't understand much of the WHAT or the WHY, but I thought it was "cool" that scientists had their own VERY prestigious prize to strive towards. I mean, movie-people had the Oscar, Finnish people had the "Finnish white rose", kids in school got grades and well... the scientists got the Nobelprize.

The most annoying thing nowadays however, at least for me, is the fact that I can't watch the whole televised award-show anymore. Thanks to the digital age and "digi-TV", unless you have bought the Swedish channels for your box, the only thing you will get to see is the Finnish review of the whole event. Which, thanks to WHOMEVER, is an 1 h event. Instead of a WHOLE day of events.

*sigh* Yes, I'm very unhappy about it all.

But, the fact that the enzyme telomerase and the ribosome got to become the focus of this year's Nobelprize, THAT makes me smile. I've heard and read that the Nobelprize-committee have a hard time picking a suitable candidate for every prize nowadays, since there's such a LOT of people in science who already SHOULD have gotten a Nobelprize for their work. Science - especially the biosciences - are moving at such high speed. And the function and structure of both telomerase and the ribosome, they're thing we're taught in the beginners courses in biochemistry.

Oh yeah, and the inventors of getting data to stream through fiber-optics, they got the prize in Physics. That was also "cool", and for once my boyfriend (who isn't that 'biochemical') and I are both in total understanding as of the WHY.

(because it allows him to play online RPG much faster than with a modem :P)

måndag 12 oktober 2009

Google Reader... and then just about reading in general

Hi folks,

Been kinda lost in space here for a while now. My bad, but now I at least feel the need to write something. Here we go :)

There's so many amazing things you can do via your Google-account these days. I just realized that I don't need to scroll through a ton of bookmarks or RSS-feeds to see whats new - Google Reader takes care of that for me! Sweet...
So, I've just spent maybe 10 min setting it up for me, and so far I like what I see. Not too complex - as in "oh me gosh I don't need to read too much to understand this" - but still versatile enough.

What else.... Yeah, I found out this about the G-Reader actually by accident. Went web-surfing and found this really hilarious romance-novel-spoiler-blog and just read through a few (OK, a LOT. Happy?) of the posts. Since I hadn't read a lot of the books, I just enjoyed the way the posts themselves had been written. Couldn't stop laughing. Absolutely awsum, for lack of a more perfect comment.

What more? Well, last night I had to get up at 05:19 am and plug in my stupid Samsung phone. It needed to feed, and when it's hungry for electricity it WILL make it known... So annoying. Thankfully, it woke me up from a most horrible nightmare I was having (it involved cannibals, a scythe and meatballs...) so I was really relieved. Generally though, I've not been sleeping very well lately, mainly because of both too little/too much work.

Doesn't it strike you as funny that when you're really DESPERATE to get some good sleep, it always eludes you?


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