onsdag 28 april 2010

The ex-tempore weekend in Helsinki

Oh boy, the plans we had for this last weekend didn't go down as well as they could have. But, on the bright side, I got to visit some places I hadn't been to before :)

Me, Micke, my mama and her friend S got to spend two hours Saturday morning at this great craft-store in Sökö, Esbo. Me, mama and S had a really great time; Micke promptly parked himself at a table in the center of the store and proceeded to iPod and to read some magazines he found. He didn't get too cranky, so I hoped he found the visit somewhat agreeable.

Look! So many... so many!
Wool, cotton, bamboo, silk, linen, you name it, they had it :)

Mama trying to choose colors for a sweater she's gonna knit, Micke just standing and wondering what's with women and yarn.

Me trying to find yarn that's both cheap and a nice color.
*but there's sooooo much to chose from!*

Downstairs, they have weft (for weaving) in all the colors and materials you can imagine!

måndag 26 april 2010

"Your LibraryThing account is full"

Oh, what a sad thing that you can only (!) add 200 books on the free account on LibraryThing. I'll have to upgrade mine and Micke's account to one with a lifetime membership, because when you look at it 200 books aren't really that much. Especially for us with 400+ books.

Sad thing is, it'll have to wait until I can afford the 25 euros needed, but after that I'll ask for some help in adding the rest of the books. There's so many of them... and I want it done ASAP. And that would really go so much smoother if someone would care to help in crunching in the ISBN-numbers into the search-box.

onsdag 21 april 2010

Bugg-ie woogie shoop de woop!

Today, I was selfish. I bought strawberries at the open air market, I sat and crocheted for 2 h in the library (after doing some "real" work...) and went to learn how to dance bugg. During those two hours, I had so much fun, I forgot everything else and was just "me". And it was great. I really like dancing.

One thing we girls reeeeally need to learn - and remember! - about dancing with a partner is that it's the man who's supposed to lead. I think I follow my partners directions quite well, although I re-learned today that if your partner is... a bit... unsure (?) it gets exponentially more difficult to follow him. Actually, the probability gets close to 0. Guys! Take the right to lead that's rightfully yours!

Today, I was also realized that (again...) that if you (as a girl) already are in a stable relationship, you actually CAN relax in front of other men. Sometimes it leads to problems, because when your body-language messages a "lack" of insecurity-signals and just a lot of "confident" instead.... it's a HUGE turn on! People LOVE other people who are confident and relaxed in their presence, because then they too can relax and feel confident.

I wonder if I'm any good at reading body-language? They say that women generally are better at it than men, but I sometimes wonder. I do know that I'm at times an... outcome-manipulator (read: whiny and commedeering bitch), but I wonder if it's because of knowleadge in b-language, or something else.

Micke on the other hand says I should stop over-analyzing everything. Maybe he's right...

*but still continues to wonder*

tisdag 20 april 2010

"Blogs are nothing but girls writing about things they're gonna buy, or have bought"

The above is the most condescending thing I've ever read about the blog-phenomenon. It was in Hufvudstadsbladet, and it was in a column where the writer (a woman if I remember correctly) vented her anger at people who don't understand us people who blog. I her column, she shared some quotes she'd either read or heard about "why people even bother to blog". There was a whole lot of other stuff she'd written too, but my memory ain't THAT good.

Anyway, on the few blogs that I subscribe to, there are a few women who sometimes put up pictures of the things they've bought, or made, or are gonna buy, or want. Sometimes, the pictures are so many you feel as if they're spamming their own blog, but since I love sharing peoples creative ideas.... and sharing a picture is so much easier than describing something in words, I don't mind.

I like to read about people who share pics of the things they've sewn, crocheted, knitted, crafted, beaded, twisted from wire or just well.... created. The pics don't need to look professionally taken, and the motifs don't need to look like something out of a design-journal. They just need to, well... have been created.

In the scientific community, knowledge is share on the basis of articles and other publications, or through seminars/work shops/conventions. Artists and craft-persons on the other hand are, at least in my opinion, more free to express themselves online. If you have created something, and just want to share it for creativity's sake and not for monetary reasons.... then there is no greater joy than when you get a comment from someone the other side of the world, and they wonder about how you made it. And you get to explain.

It is true when they say that getting access to the Internet is a basic human right. Because where on this Earth do you find the expertise you need  at 3 a.m. about how to tie a certain knot when you're pulling an all-nighter creating stuff that makes you happy?

Oh, and as a proverbial "finger" to the ones thinking like my headline, here's a pair of stiletto shoes I got last Sunday from my dear friend Mimi. Recycling can start anywhere, and the photo might not be professional or anything, but at least you get the picture. Literally. FTW.

...like butter spread over too much bread...

The headline is from The Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien. It is how Bilbo describes how he's feeling, and the whole dialogue-thing with Gandalf can also be seen in the movie with the same name. The whole sentence is:

I feel thin, sort of stretched... like butter spread over too much bread.

I tried to find the whole paragraph anywhere online, but alas! I couldn't. But I doesn't matter, since the point of it comes across even without knowing the context. While searching for the whole paragraph however, I stumbled along to the "said by Anonymous" section at Wikiquote. Scrolling down, I quickly found these:

Depression is anger without enthusiasm.
- Steven C

Depression is anger without motivation,
it's like having an empty beer bottle with no one to throw it at.

I've been many types of depressed, and then rarely the one where the situation you're in makes you feel angry at everything (yourself, your friends, your life etc.). I guess there's 2 types of depression: those that come because of from physiological reasons, and those that come from psychological ones. (And I'm not gonna wiki it to read about depression, hah! That would be too depressing. Oh, what a pun!)
The physiological ones are e.g. when you get brain damage, or fall out of love, or the hormonal ones that you can get after e.g. a difficult pregnancy, or when starting/switching birth control pills. I've had the latter, and I'm glad I changed to another brand that didn't make me a non-responsive zombie for 3 days out of every 28th. That was so awful.
The psychological ones are the more tricky, like when you loose someone because they die, or because you're feeling unfulfilled, or you think your life sucks.

Cells are really marvels at being depressed. Most eukaryotic cells die if they can't/don't get stimuli from other nearby cells. If they don't get any stimuli, the figure they're not needed anymore. That they're WOS (waste-of-space).
Cells that are alone die, and not in any dramatic way, just through apoptosis. Apoptosis is the opposite of necrosis, which is when a cell dies in a HUGE splatter and spreads it's cellular content all over nearby cells. This is what happens when you e.g. get a paper-cut, or get bruised. Most of the time, it leads to local infection, as some cellular components aren't that "nice" to the surrounding tissues.
In apoptosis, the cell just sort of shut down. It stops producing any products it used to do when it felt  truly  needed, it starts to fragment itself, and eventually all that remains of it are small "blebs" or pockets of membrane filled with "stuff" that any other cell can take up and "recycle". Maybe this can be seen as the as the allegorical "beer bottles" from the citation above: no one left to throw them at, so they're left outside the door, waiting for the garbage collectors to take them to be recycled.

I'm glad that I'm not depressed-depressed, and that the sun is shining a little more each day, and that it'll be summer soon. But, what I am is tired, and also tired of being tired (does that make any sense?). I'm still laughing at times though, so I'm not that far run down as you might think. I just hope I can get myself up again before it starts to affect my sleep again, though. Because when it does, the results are not pretty.

söndag 11 april 2010

Spring is coming!

But, are you ready for it?

Yes, I'm finally feeling better, although I still get tired pretty quickly. I swear, one of these days I'm going to throw myself at a research group specializing in working towards a cure for human influenza. Seriously!

But, as I was saying - are you ready for spring? Personally, I think more sun, warmth and finally being able to plant something outside is (again) going to be swell. On the other hand, seeing all the winter-bleached out Nordic skin is not going to be so swell. So, I'm taking steps to assure myself of 2 things:
  1. My legs will be not-so-death-shade-pale for the 1st of May
  2. I'm going to use up as much as I can of my brown-without-sun creams.
The hideous thing about these creams is that they take foreeeeeeeever to dry once you put them on, and at least the one of them smells kinda funny (the Nivea one in the pic). The one I actually -like- is the Garnier "body summer" nourishing cream with shea butter (the middle one in the pic). 

The fake-suntan trio

So... That was all I had to say for today. I think I'm going to spend the rest om my day resting and planning some new arts&crafts projects. :)

lördag 10 april 2010

When you are feverish, your dreams...

... takes you to real stupid places. I've had influenza since Thursday evening, and since I always get so tired when I'm sick, I usually just sleep. Sleep, try to drink some water, don't eat any, and then sleep some more. Today's the first day I even feel clear-headed enough to use the computer for anything creative.

Anyway, last night I dreamt that I was standing on the porch of my family's summer cottage. My Mom was there, and some other people too (don't remember who though). The whole dirt road before the house was mushy, kinda like how it gets in spring when the snow melts and all the water doesn't drain away quickly enough.
So, I'm standing there, and suddenly I see that the mud is crawling with leaches. As in HUGE leaches. Big as my arm. Black and gray in coloring. And one is slithering its way towards my Mom's ankle, and is about to latch on. So, I run inside the house, and apparently manage to find the red axe* in the green bureau. I take the axe outside, and start decapitating every leach I see. Which is not an easy thing, and pretty disgusting too. Even weirder, their insides look like the baste you make meat balls out of. Really unrealistic, physiologically speaking.

*this axe would btw NEVER be inside the house, it would be in the garage where it belongs.

So.... I think my brain is telling me that it's time to stop being sick. Because it feels as if it sure as hell can't take much more of this.

On the bright side though, it's sunny and warm outside today, and Micke bought me strawberries for breakfast. Say what you want, but I think he's perfect.

onsdag 7 april 2010

Celebrating Easter in Jakobstad...

...is not really a celebration of anything. Except maybe eating chocolate Easter-eggs. When it became Easter Monday, I felt a little empty. As in, all we did was eat ( :P ) and because most of it was starch, my stomach reminded me once again why it hates me when I don't listen to it. Especially because I had to drink coffee. (I love Micke's paternal grandmother, she's so lovely and sweet, but a visit at her place dictates 3 cups of coffee and 14 slices of cake EVERY time.) Hence the "empty" feeling: because I got agitated and depressed from the pains in my stomach already on Saturday. And on top of that we didn't get much sleep, mainly because we had to drive all over the place all the time, and stayed up too late in the evenings just to unwind/relax before being even ABLE to sleep. Especially after that trip to Karleby.


Despite all of the thing that were "bad" or "went bad" on this trip, I did have a good time. I got to speak with Micke's "fammo": we talked about crocheting (and I got some tips and outlines for some laces from her) and looked at old family pictures in her photo albums. Mainly, I just let her talk. I think she feels lonely, and it's sad that Micke's family up north is so scattered and don't do things together.

Me, Tina and Mona (Mickes sister and mom) took this mini-trip to Fäboda while the guys watched the ManU vs. Chelsea football match on Saturday. In summer Fäboda is thriving with "summer-people", but in winter it's just empty. I took a video of it, if you want to see :)

I also took a video while we were in Bennäs - the people behind the Community Center of Bennäs are getting together and creating this "miniature Bennäs" model from scratch, and they're renting a part of Micke's dad's old bakery as their workshop.

Okay, I also have some pics to show you :)

When you look inside the small houses you can spot many
details you would otherwise miss - like wall paper and stairs.

Look! Old style wallpaper!

There will be at least one windmill, and the propellers
will have a small rotor in them, so it will work properly too!

What do you drink on a bad stomach in Karleby?
Pineapple juice, of course. And the driver had a regular coke.

Testing how well 3G-surfing works in Visa Grande.
Really good I must add, since the bartender had forgotten (!)
the password to their customer-WLAN.

Fäboda. Mist out at sea. Cold.

Putting up your feet for a settle, and watching the Big Bang-marathon
on TV, before heading home to Turku. These are Micke's feet.

torsdag 1 april 2010

Happy Easter bunny!

The headline is something we girls used to say in upper secondary school: a totally wrong seasonal greeting and a lame one at that. Thought I'd share it with you though. Since it really is Easter this weekend.

We'll be leaving on the train today for Bennäs, and we'll get back quite late on Monday. I must water our plants before I pack up the last things we're taking with us! I almost forgot it. Again! Gaah, I need to have post-its stamped to my forehead or something, at least at this rate of forgetfulness.

Oh, but I made paskha! You know, the Russian Easter-treat with cream cheese or quark and lots of oranges, raisins and sweetened fruit-preserves. I've bought memma too, but since I know that Micke isn't that fond of it, I made paskha, because it's sweet and fruity. One of my mom's friends makes this divine paskha, but since I don't have any good kitchen equipment for reducing cheese (cheese cloth, cheese mold), mine is waaaaay more runny than her ever was.

Ta-daa! Paskha for breakfast.

Aaah, much better close up pic! You can see the fruits in it now.

I know it doesn't look like much, but it was good together with the pears we ate with it. Operation "empty the fridge" was a success, again.


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