måndag 30 augusti 2010

I don't usually swear...

... but I swear this weekend's been straight out of a soap opera. With me and Micke as suprised spectators.

Micke's younger brother Patrik has moved to Helsinki this fall, because he's going to start his studies to become a sport instructor. He'd managed to get an apartment perhaps 5-10 km from the center of Helsinki, and we were going to visit him this weekend. Mainly to show him around so he'll find places, and also for him to show us where he'll live and go to school. So far so good - or at least: THAT part of the trip went okay. Borrowing the car and sleeping at my parents house went okay too. We got to see Emmis brand new and painted apartment, and I got to discuss art&interior decorating with her while Micke happily snoozed on her couch.  She, me and E even got to visit my Mom's favourite yarn store. And me and Micke even got to stay for Sunday lunch with my parents, aunt and uncle, and take a not-too-lately-arriveing train back to Turku.

But OH MY DEAR GODDESS, what I learned about human interactions on Saturday.

Sociology 101: Apparently, if you are really really really depressed/angry/something-awfully-horrible-else, and you've heard that your ex-boyfriend might have found someone new and just might be happy without you....

...it's okay to force you way in to his shared (student)appartment, trash ALL his stuff*, and leave stuff out in the hallway for him to find as he comes home. This later stuff being things you've NOT wanted him to get access to take away, since that will mean he's REALLY leaving you.

*Yes, ALL his stuff. Everything was on the floor, in heaps. And why on Earth did she steal the blanket from his bed?? Apparently, insane people do things like this.

I am so ashamed of my own sex. We really can be such bitches. And in my opinion - the one I voiced on Saturday - this girl/woman/bitch really deserved a good trashing. As in the nails-in-her-face-bitch-fight kinda one.

I'm not a violent person. But this really made me angry.

tisdag 24 augusti 2010

Oh, I totally forgot...

... that some might want to see some photos of the 6 pairs of shoes I bought for 30 euros.

Now, these are from Citymarket (It's like Target or WalMart in Finland). Yes, go ahead and laugh, it'll do you good. And no, I don't care if you laugh, because they all feel nice on, and you just couldn't argue with the price.

First, the sexy shoes. Same size, same cut, same "Hi, I'm a little plastic, but not too much".
These -might- actually be a little embellished in the future.
And yes, I've already managed to scruff the black ones. Go me.

Then, the sensible old lady shoes, for when you just can't get away with high heels.
Yes, the beige ones are fugugly, but remember what I said about comfy and not caring if you laugh.

And last, the worst.... 
the sandals you only dare to wear to the beach when it's too hot for anything else :P

måndag 23 augusti 2010

Trip to Helsinki, and hearing Bono (from U2)

My dear friend Kaisa, together with her Jussi, threw a home-warming party last Saturday. This time, we actually had time to attend. It's annoying when you have friends you want to stay close to, but can't because of logistics. traveling by train is NOT cheap, no matter how ecological it's supposed to be.

Anyway, for a house-warming present, we gave then the traditional bread & salt. This was accompanied by a small present for Kaisa (a shawl + matching brooch), and one for Jussi (8 wine glass tokens).

The shawl, made from a real simple pattern
(scroll down to the bottom!).
This is the actual color of the yarn,
I don't know why the next picture got so lilac.

The trim, one I came up with myself (scroll down for the pattern).

Jussi's wine glass tokens are on the right.
The crocheted flower is the brooch.

Like always when leaving for a trip in the last minute *cough* I had ample time to wrap the presents.... that is, I had to bring paper+tape+scissors+gift box with us on the train. Still, I think the gift wrapping became okay, and none in the train carriage raised their eyes at this.

The trains we took made perfect time - it was like clockwork! - and we managed to perfectly catch the last train for Turku at 23 o'clock. While we waited at both Käpylä and Pasila train stations, we could hear music and song from the Hartwall arena, where the U2 concert was well underway. At Käpylä, we heard "Hold me, trill me, kiss me, kill me" and at Pasila it was "With Or Without You". Apparently, we caught the encore :P

* * *

Shawl pattern (crochet) - from the book "Crochet Chic - haute crochet scarves, hats & bags" by Francine Toukou.This is such a simple pattern. I used crochet hook 5 mm/H. You can use hdc, dc, trb or d-trb if you want to.

Start: Chain 5
1st row: 2 double crochet (dc) in 3rd chain from hook, chain 1, dc in last chain.
2nd row: Chain 2, turn, then 2 dc in the first space, then 2 dc in the second space, chain 1, then dc again in last space.
3rd row: Chain 2, turn, *2 dc in first space, repeat from * until last space, then chain 1 and dc again in last space.
Repeat the last row until the shawl is as long as you want it to be, and fasten off.

Trim (crochet)
First row: Start by fastening yarn with a slip stitch (sl st), then single crochet (sc) around the whole shawl, sl st in first stitch to fasten. Where there aren't any stitches, use the holes.
Second row: *Chain 5, then sc in 3rd stitch from hook. Chain 2, fasten with sl st 2 spaces from 1st stitch. Repeat from * until the end, fasten with sl st.

Flower brooch (crochet) - also from the same book as above.

Rain on a sunny day

When we rose this morning, this was what greeted us.

A rainbow! How pretty! It kinda forgave the weather, because it was raining at the same time.

onsdag 18 augusti 2010

It's raining outside again

I remember waking up real early today because of the rain. We had the window open during the night, so our whole bedroom got cold. I think I must start using blanket + bed sheet again, instead of just the latter. Finally we're getting colder air here!

Anyway, now (late afternoon) it's raining again. Looking out through the windows here at the library, I can see an odd assortment of umbrellas. People are apparently starting to get home from work, and they don't want to get wet.
Me? I'm gonna sit right here, writing, until it's time to head for Ida with Mimi's stuff. I've had some of her arts&crafts things at our place, but now that she's finally moved, I can bring it all back home to her. I just hope I found everything, because even the 'few' thing I found filled an entire shoe box.

Oh, speaking about shoes! Yesterday, while taking the bike to Citymarket to do some grocery shopping, I found that they had a LOT of summer shoes on sale for only 5 euros/pair. I bought 6 pairs... Finally, I can trow away all the sandals/flip-flops I managed to FUBAR during the summer.

Finally something good to write about. Otherwise, I'll just continue to write depressing things, and I just don't want to cry floods anymore. Just drizzles, perhaps.

måndag 16 augusti 2010

[insert headline here]

I've been trying to start working again, and it's tough. Mainly because I'm still depressed, because of granny. Anyway, while going through my notebook today, I found this written in the margin.

The leaves flutter
my life is in turmoil,
a storm is coming.

I have to cite my dear brother Harald...

...because there are times when he manages to say something profound. Of course, most of the rest of the time he mainly talks crap, but I won't cite those things. That would, literally, take up pages. Books, even. He's like me, he talks a lot. I also talk a lot of crap.

History is literally filled with things said by great men and women. Some people thinks citing them make them seem smarter, other's use them as philosophical discussions starting points. Does anyone ever cite themselves, I wonder?

I'm glad that I do not have to cite the blurbs on the movie covers of Mr Chuck Norris's films, because when all you suddenly remember is "Chuck Norris put the FUN back in FUNERAL", you realize that the only thing you can do is cry.

We didn't get to go to Sweden to make one last visit to my maternal grandmother. We got to go to her funeral instead. It was way worse than the one of my paternal grandmother (Fammo for me) years ago, and Micke's maternal grandmother's last winter. Way worse, because I just couldn't stop myself from crying - like all the time - which I managed to do on the other ones. I didn't cry on Fammo's funeral, because I loved her too much, and I couldn't cry much on Micke's grandmother's because people (his relatives) were so stoic in comparison. This time? Literally crying myself to sleep, crying in the car, crying ...well, everywhere.

Micke carried a whole box of tissue paper in his bag for me. They just don't fit in a girl's hand bag.

Did you know, that if you tilt your head backwards, and sort of "open" some canal way back in your nasal cavity, you can get your tears to run down your throat. It's done by sort of starting to swallow, but stopping. Sort of like opening your ear canals when you fly, except you don't blow your nose. I -can- do it, it just takes practice. It's quite handy when you only cry a little, but it takes control. Which I had in short supply during the whole trip.

So, my dear brother said, "I'm going to try to be quiet tomorrow, because I just know that if I start talking I'll just say something horribly wrong and hurt everyones feelings". Since I know what he was -actually- referring to, I couldn't agree more. It's awful when you like a part of your giant pool of relatives better than another. Most of the time, it makes you tired at all the social gatherings. At funerals, it might even mortify you.
Thinking bad things about your relatives then is -so- not the right thing to do.

My gran got to live from 1914 to 2010, and the during the last three years she lived in a home for the elderly.
The eulogy the priest had written about gran was really beautiful. She was really good, and I really do prefer priests who are women. It's not gender discrimination, it's just my personal preference.
Still, no eulogy can by the fact that gran -hated- every single day at that home. Nearly every time she managed to use the phone to call her daughters (my Mom and her four sisters), she wanted them to come and take her away from there.

Anyway, when Mom and her sisters started packing and organizing the things she'd left behind, I got the Bible she'd used while she still had the energy to read. Some of the pages were glued together, because she liked to drink her whiskey in bed while reading, and sometimes she spilled. I'll probably always associate whiskey with my gran, and if anyone gives me nasty comments about that - my- Bible, they'll have a whole other thing coming.

torsdag 5 augusti 2010

Fashion TV

I don't know if anyone cares, but the channels we get on our TV include one called "Fashion TV". Its theme is mainly fashion reports, 10 min documentaries about haute couture/models/movie stars in ads, and runway shows. Now, before you go all "The Devil wears Prada" on me, I must say that fashion in just another word for design. I've noticed that I happen to like design. As in "the whole creative process that starts with an idea and then turns out into a physical manifestation". As design can both be functional or non-functional - depending always on the context - I like seeing how other people think creatively.

Anyway, I was watching "Fashion TV" yesterday while crocheting on a shawl for my Mom, and they started showing the runway show for "spring/summer 2010" for Ralph Lauren. There was this dress that I saw in it that just caught my eyes like wildfire. Can't really explain it. So, I tried to hunt it down today.

I found the collection on Ralph Lauren's web page, and what do you know! They have the whole runway show on video there. Click play, and scroll to 8:11. Watch the first dress, and then the one after that. *swisch swasch and just looooook how it moves* This is functional design!

(Oh, I like the dresses at 4:23, 6:00, 7:43, 9:28 and 10:33 too, but the simple design of THAT dress...) 

Floral prints and ugly distressed jeans were apparently their idea for this summer. Too bad it was too hot for anything more than flimsy dresses and bikinis :P

onsdag 4 augusti 2010

Apparently, there's such a word as 'man-repeller'

I found it thanks to this blog, which link one of my Facebook-acquaintances posted. Again, the world got a little more odd. Although it was kinda strange to begin with.

Once, I proposed that it would be nice if someone could invent a sort of anti shock-collar for us girls. The idea of such a collar would be that it would, well... give the non-wanted people approaching us a SHOCK, and thus turn them away from us. This was said in a moment late at night when I was extremely tired, and didn't want any company of the following during my walk home:
  • aggressive men, drunks and druggies
Sometimes, it's nice when people come up and talk to you, especially if you're feeling lonely (at e.g. a party or such), but most of the time it's the people with nothing to loose that are doing it. Every girl having a drunk beside her while sitting on the bus knows what I mean. Men behaving badly are so totally out.

It's awful when you're all alone, and really need the support of a loved one (be it boy or girl), and they're not there. Even worse: they're there, but they can't do anything. This happened one time while waiting in line for some late night french fries at the kiosk on Turku market square. Two -seriously- drunk men were holding up the line, and had the bad grace to comment on both my derrière and posterior. While Micke stood behind me, wanting so badly to hit them.

Lately, it's not a blatant, smelly currently-friendly-drunk that's been bothering me. It's a man at the local library. Apparently, I'm very approachable, and him wanting to talk to me is both getting on my nerves and disturbing my writing on the computer.

Should I just get out my worst man repelling clothes, and put a paper bag on my head, to finally get some peace? Maybe I should try to come up with some clothes+accessories combo and then post the photo here?


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