tisdag 28 september 2010

Celebrating Micke's 29th birthday

Nearly every year it's the same. You get one year older, and suddenly you don't want to make a big fuss out of it, and so you decide NOT to celebrate it. Which is exactly what my beloved boyfriend really didn't want to do: celebrate his 29th.

Despite this let down, I charged in like a house on fire, and invited a few people over for "a quick cup of birthday-coffee" yesterday. Now, as you might know, me and Micke eat paleo, so I was a little unsure of how to make a birthday cake that
  1. didn't contain flour
  2. didn't contain 'normal' sugar
  3. still was good to eat
  4. is cheap and fast to make
And then I had the perfect solution: paleo panna cotta!

If you use ground vanilla powder, and use honey instead of sugar, then the panna cotta itself is paleo. I know some of you paleo-people don't like using milk, but we do. And, since panna cotta need something else that's also 'sweet' to go with it, I took and put cut fruits in the glasses I made the panna cottas in. I managed to get physalis-berries and strawberries for just 2 euros at the open air market - what a triump! Total price of cake was 7,25 euros, mainly because I had to buy lactose free cream and some more gelatin powder.

I decorated them with a '29', using sprinkled coco powder. Micke's 'cake' piece is the one in the martini glass.
Tadaa! 'Cake' assembled.
And the birthday party? Well, that one was the fastest ever: it took just 25 minutes. :P

söndag 26 september 2010

Rag rug

I had borrowed this book, called "Fast Knits Fat Needles" written by Sally Harding, from the library. The theme of the book is to get to try out knitting project  where you get to use knitting needles larger than 10 mm.

I only happened to have a pair of 9 mm, since I've inherited most of my needles from Mom and her sisters, but nevertheless I thought I'd try my hands on something simple from all the projects in this lovely book. Since, you know, I'm not that great a knitter. The simplest project in the book is one where you use long strips of rags to knit a rag rug. I happened to have some rags I cut from some of my Mom's old T-shirts not long ago, and they seemed perfect for the this project. It didn't hurt that you only had to knit for this project (I still get a bit confused when I have to purl), either.

  • pair of BIG knitting needles
  • strips of rags
Project notes:
  • size nr 9 mm knitting needles were a bit small, next time I do this I'll use 15 mm needles of the circular kind.
  • have LOTS of rag strips. They're used up so fast, and unless you want a really tiny rug, you have to have lots.
How to do it:
  • cast on as many loops as you'd like your rag to be, lengthwise
  • using the so called "garter stitch" pattern (that's where every row on the project is knitted), knit away until the rug is the desired length/you run out of rags.
  • fasten off the last row, and add fringes if you like :)
My rags, and the project page in the book.
The finished rag rug. A little odd, both the color scheme and the dimensions, but it was still fun.
As you can see, every row is knitted. No purling here!

måndag 20 september 2010

A friend of mine...

... studies English. So if I would -ever- need someone to talk to about either English literature or the etymology of any English word, she'd probably be the one. But I wonder if she knows the meaning of this word:


Naaah, no cheating using any online dictionary. No answer to be found there. I would still be searching for the meaning and how/why of the word, if I hadn't come across the explanation in a book I borrowed from the library.

You see, when knitting/crocheting, you might by mistake create something (*gasp!*) that you think looks awful. If giving it away is not an option, and you want to reuse the yarn... what do you do? Of course, you de-construct it. How? Well... you take hold of the end of the yarn, and start to rip it, rip it, rip it, rip it....

Hence the word frogging.

So, I have this other acquaintance, who posts on her Facebook account photos taken of thing she has found at yard sales/second hand stores etc. Last thing she posted was of the 'new' dining room table she and her hubby had bought.

With this in mind, I present to you:
The red sweater I bought second hand for 4 euros (5 dollars)...

which I then promptly frogged into 6 balls of yarn

This yarn will -eventually, hopefully- one day become this bolero/knitted thing.

So, I thought I made quite a lucky find. Since I would never ever had worn the sweater (it was a European size L, and I'm a XS or S), I felt no shame in frogging it. And... if you want to buy nicely colored yarn Finland, you will have to spend at least 16 euros on the same amount of yarn that I got... well, needless to say I'm happy :)

The lovely picture of the bolero is from this lovely book: Sticka i romantisk lantstil by Inga Walløe Pantzar and Ditte Larsen. And the pattern is simple, which I like, since I'm not yet that great a knitter.

onsdag 15 september 2010

When it rains like it does today...

... an umbrella doesn't help you much. The rain is blowing ever which way, even downwards up, so you get soaked nearly instantly. It's more like walking into a wall of water, instead of it raining.

Why, oh whyyy, didn't I put on my rain coat and pants?

No matter now, as I got home and could change into something dry immediately. Micke still has the flu, and has been both coughing and blowing his nose like crazy. He actually woke me up at 3 a.m., because his cough sounded like him dying. Horrible.

Thanks to the rain though, lots of different mushrooms are growing splendidly. The ones on the photo above is from the lawn on the other side of the green fence. In swedish, these mushrooms are called "bläcksvamp", lit. translated as ink mushrooms. Did people really use them to make ink, I wonder?

But, now I'm going to go and lie down, and enjoy as much orange juice and Daim-chocolate as I can. The chocolate has to be shared with Micke, but since he was so sweet and shouted "Oh, I love you so much, you bought chocolate!" when I got home from the store, I guess it's not so bad.

måndag 13 september 2010

*drip drop drip drop*

Today, it's been raining a little like crazy. In fact, it's been raining all day.

*listens to the drip drip drip on the windows*

Rain brings out both the best - and the worst - in people. Since everyone can be both a rain-lover and a rain-hater simultaneously, I'll just share a few personal things about rain.

For starters, me and Micke only have one umbrella. A cheap one we bought from IKEA. A long time ago, we had at least three, but they broke or were lost one at a time. Sadly.
We do have two perfectly okay rain-coveralls. One banana yellow, and one green/blue outfit. I think they're terribly practical and very nice (even though they are man-repelling). Naturally, Micke hate them both. He will rather be miserable under an umbrella, than happy and dry in a banana yellow raincoat with matching banana yellow pants.

I think he's being just a tad bit silly :P

But I still let him have the umbrella, because I don't have any qualms about going out in public looking like this:

Only thing that would have made the outfit -complete- would have been for me to wear rubber boots. But my shoes are water repelling, so today I didn't have to.

A busy Saturday

This weekend was a bit hectic, as I had made my (our) Saturday as busy as possible.

First, shopping at the open air market, then off to Wiklund to buy a pair of nylon-stockings, then the Ravelry-knitalong at Kerttu, and finally a trip out to the Turku Fair center to see a bit of this year's Erotics Fair. I'm so glad that they put in extra busses when there are fairs at the center, because otherwise every bus 'normal' bus would be filled.

I didn't want to bring my "horrible" knitting project with me to Kerttu, so I instead started on this small "rag rug"-project. Since I didn't have that many skeins of rags, it was a reeeally small project. I think though that I might actually do something out the rest of the rags I've cut, because knitting with huge needles was really nice. It's fast! And I like fast results :)

So, about this year's Erotics fair. Me, Micke and Mimi went, and I think S and D would have liked to come to, but because D still had the flu I quess it was smarter of them to stay at home. Autumn flu and sniffles are just sooo not nice. Well, but about the fair.

They had two stages (one big, one small), and on the smaller one they had stiptease non-stop, and on the bigger one they had quite a wide variety of different performers. I -really- wanted to see the pole dance champion of 2009 - Panthera Blacksmith - do her number, because pole dancing is so all about athleticism. Srlsy! And I must say, I was sooooo impressed! I'm so envious of her muscle tone and stamina. Not to mention her tattoes :)

*two thumbs and two toes up for her dancing*

After seeing her however, the rest of the performaces were a whole other thing. While waiting for the next show, we all went to watch what they were doing on the smaller stage. Or actually, to have coffee and get to sit down, because our backs were giving up on us. Standing around in high heels are just a killer. Both on your knees and you back. Well, but concerning coffee and striptease:

Sorry folks, but two Rubenesque girls having a go at one another, while faking it sooo bad, just doesn't do it for me.

Venus at the mirror, by Peter Paul Rubens.
He liked to paint his ladies big and beautiful,
hence the word Rubenesque.
The pic is from Wikipedia.

I'm little embarassed to say that I laughed. As in, out loud. Micke was mortified, but then again; he's a guy and two girls are (supossedly?) hot. I think Mimi was also more into drinking her Jaffa and eating her crisps than watching. And we both commented on their shoes.

Second thing I said, which I also think mortified Micke, was this:

"Watching that is like watching CSI. Even when they do awful stuff like carve up corpses and take samples from yucky things, it doesn't affect you. Like, 'it's just TV'. You don't feel anything."

Isn't it just awful? To watch something that's ONLY purpose is to make you go into "sexual mode", and then just not feel anything? Not disqusted, not embarassed, just ...nothing.

As their performance ended, all that remained were a lot of pink feathers fron one of the women's feather boa. My comment to this was:
 "Oh, look, they molted"
And the comment

"They didn't pole dance, they pole glided".

If you don't have the leg muscles needed to stay up on the pole, you slide sloooooowly down it instead. Which they did.

Sorry if I ruined something nice there, but I just didn't get it.
I guess this is why I -forced- us to miss all the performances by the porn stars .

Well, the second show on the bigger stage was more to my liking. Me and Mimi laughed and had huge fun, while watching the three male stippers called the Candymen perform. Huge fun, and not too naughty. As Mimi said: "No full frontal nudity, fiuh!". I have to agree.

While we watched the men do their thing, we left Micke watching a woman in black lingerie do her thing. ( I think he liked that better, because we weren't there to 'ruin' her performance with our blasphemous comments.)

We watched three more shows too: two where fire (srsly!) was involved and one that's really hard to describe.

In the first about fire, a woman called Miss Steak did this stiptease number with flame acrobatics. It looked cool, I thought. The fire acrobatics, that is. Sadly, Micke and Mimi were both quite shaken by it, I think.

Second show is a little harder to describe - picture something that's a bit gotic, french cabarét and circus freaky - at the same time. Seeing Lucky Hell doing her burlesque-number on glass shards was... okay, a little freaky. Her show was even more freaky than seeing Maleficient Martini's ballet/bondage performance with Esinem.

The question that remains to be answered is: will we go again next year? We'll see then, because I just don't know at this point.

torsdag 9 september 2010

Making cards

So, yesterday I noticed there's some birthdays and the like coming up, and since I don't like buying ready-made cards, I spent 2 h on making some.

  • cardboard
  • colored (hard) paper
  • paper glue
  • random things to decorate with
  • marker pens in different colors
I made both gift-tags and some birthday/other occasion cards. Next time I go to Tiimari though, I think I'll buy some glossy paper and more glue. I'm not that happy with how every card turned out, so I have to get some more things to decorate with. Some people make really amazing (and expensive!) cards.

Gift tags etc.

Birthday/Occasion cards

lördag 4 september 2010

Fall is here :)

A few weekends back, while visiting Micke's brother in Helsinki, we managed to squeeze in a quick visit to where my family's summer cottage is located. There's a few trails you can take a walk on in the forrest, so I forced Micke to borrow some boots, and then we went exploring.

Look at all the leaves that have already fallen.

My borrowed red boots, and the ground.

Already, some (but mostly non-edible) mushrooms are growing.

Micke, coming out of the forrest.
I think this photo is one of the best I've ever taken of him :)


"The net is truly vast and infinite."

While I was searching for patterns for both knitting and crocheting, I stumbled upon Ravelry.com. It's a site intended for those around the globe who want to both be a part of, and contribute to, the (apparently) growing interest in knitting/crocheting. Since I'm all for (smart!) social online platforms, I really like the site.

Since the -reason- behind any such platform is to bring people together and allow them to interact via common interests, I must say that during this past month I've learned a lot. This is thanks to all the persons (mostly women) who I've met during a few knit-alongs here in Turku. Most of you know I speak swedish, but since finnish is the language of the majority, I suddenly realized that I really need to practice speaking it. And during the first of these knit-alongs I found out how terribly degraded my knowledge of finnish has become. But no more! About three times a month now, I'll be attending these meetings, and get to practice speaking again.

Oh, I know I'll make terrible mistakes - mostly when trying to find synonyms for things and when conjugating verbs - but eventually I hope I'll again be able to talk without having to think too much of what I'm saying. After that, I just might be able to stomach reading finnish books again. And not arts and crafts book, mind you, but real books.

fredag 3 september 2010

Bicycle accidents do happen

All hail the Queen of the Losers! For the third time this summer/beginning of fall she has fallen off her bike!

But, luckily nothing more bad happened than two scraped knees, one scraped hand, and a lot of bruises. It could have been much worse.

torsdag 2 september 2010

Last night...

...I dreamt three nightmares in a row. Or at least, three that I know I've dreamt.

First one was something that ended with me being bitten in my right index finger by a rat. It really hurt, and when I woke I was SO sure we had a rat in out bed. Luckily we didn't.
Second dream I don't remember all that well, but the third one was one where I just HAD to get an acute appointment with the dentist, because my teeth were.... iuh! They were both rotting and falling off at the same time.

I woke at 1 am, 3 am, 4 am, 5 am, 6 am and finally: at 7 am when I woke I was finally READY to really sleep.

Poor Micke. His night was as bad as mine.


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