måndag 18 april 2011

Biblophilic and crochetophilic

When I add books to the collections in my Librarything-account, the books pop up on  my Facebook-wall and here on my blog (in the left column). I think it's nifty that I can check which book I borrowed last from the library here on my blog, but I'm not so sure about Facebook.

Or, if I'll be more precise, it's the "box"* I find somewhat lacking. In settings. But I guess they're working hard on it, and Facebook isn't the friendliest platform to build software for.

* or whatever they want to call it, there's too many names for different parts of social network and databases nowadays. Gadgets, widgets, apps, boxes.... give me a break.

On another book-related topic, I finally finally finally! got the book I'd requested from Turku city library. About that book... it's a pattern book, authored by this crochet designer whose designs I really like. Her name is Kristin Omdahl, and if you're on Ravelry you can find her and her designs here. I'd borrowed her book Wrapped in Crochet about a year ago, and I really wanted to read this other book of hers, too.

This is the troublemaker.
So I sent a request for the library to buy it, and they did, and I was first in line to borrow it, and when it finally came it was one week until Christmas... and we had already left Turku to celebrate Christmas in Ostrobothnia with Micke's family. And behind me, in the queue, were 4 other people. So, I had to wait from the 17th of December until TODAY (18th of April) to get the book.

That's four months people. And I had to pay 2 euros.

Never mind the ranting, I'm still glad I got it, because I think the designs are amazing.
Crochet So Fine is a well planned book, and I like that the patterns are both written out and drawn. Kristin's designs are often simple to crochet, but the finished pieces don't look simple. Not at all. She really teaches you that "back to basics" (st, chains, sc, dc...) is sometimes all you need to really create beautiful and stunning designs.

And I now have 9 of the 21 patterns in my Ravelry-queue.


When am I gonna get time to make them all? Never mind the fact that I really don't need more shawls....

Oh, I started on one of the patterns... just to try it out, you see?

torsdag 14 april 2011

I Heart my Home

*sound of vacuum cleaner*

Hey - what's this?
A button.
Some popcorn.
And a size 10 mm crochet hook.
The things you find between the cushions in your sofa define who you are. So... if this is what I found, then I must be a "Person who eats popcorn while crocheting on the sofa. Ate so much, in fact, that she popped a button from her pants."


tisdag 12 april 2011

IKEA hacking

This IKEA hack is one I've been dying to try out. It's the "Tolsby"-earring display by a woman named Jen in Sydney. It looked so simple. And it was cheap to make too - one page/piece of the mesh is enough for ~4 of these.

A "Tolsby" and a piece of mesh I bought in the craft store Presento.

Only need this much of the mesh...

... as much as will fit the frame.

Tadaa! Thank you, Jen :)

Stockmann's "Crazy Days"

In Finland, for those of you who don't know, there's this department store called Stockmann. Twice a year, they have this "special event" called Hullut Päivät (in Finnish) or Galna Dagar (in Swedish). Translated into English, it's "Crazy Days".

And it's a really really aptly named event. From Wednesday to Sunday, you get to shop things for "special" prices. But only on certain of those days, and they only have a finite number of those "special" prized products.
For example, this year (that is, last week) my dearest Micke wanted to buy himself one of those Sodastream machines (actually, a lot of other people wanted to buy them too), because they had them for only 49 euros ("normal" price being between 59-99 euros). They were available only on Thursday, and when I got there at 12 p.m., the guy behind the counter told me they had sold off all of them before 10 a.m.

Such is life. Crazy, that is.

Nevertheless, I'll leave you to contemplate some "Crazy Days" photos I took on my way to the department store.

Banners like these all over the city center... so you're sure NOT to miss it.

In Turku, Stockmann is situated inside the Hansa shopping mall.
In the central plaza, outside the entrance to Stockmann, they sell
candy for "crazy" prizes during the Crazy Days. The plaza is literally
packed with people on these days. Everyone apparently likes candy...
Inside, they put up these banners and balloons. And everywhere you
look, there's yellow signs promoting some GREAT and CRAZY deal.

Yellow everywhere, except for the special black balloons.
Those are the ones that let you know where today's special
stuff is found. When there's a LOT of people, you only need
to steer towards them in the crowd, and hope that it's the ballon
for "that one thing you NEED to buy today".

If you start to feel faint while shopping, due to low blood glucose levels,
then you can have one of their specially designed miniature Princess cakes.

That's it for this year's first Crazy Days, the next one is not until the weather turns to autumn.

måndag 11 april 2011

I Heart my Kitchen

Put the ingredients in your blender.
I'm having an orange, a banana,
some strawberries and some blueberries.
...or as they say on ROSMT, "vispa skiten".
Now drink!
And look, even Micke approves :)

söndag 10 april 2011

I Heart my Kitchen

Inspired by these guys... Be careful when you watch the video, and remember to turn down the sound if you have sensitive ears, because these Swedish men are kinda violent in the kitchen :) But, I think everything that promotes people cooking from scratch is good. Even when, like in this case, it's not paleo. And do go ahead and see the rest of their videos on YouTube.

... I decided to do this:

You need a lot of stuff, but whipped cream most of all .
Who stole my Smorgascake?!

I Heart my Kitchen

There's something I'm wondering about... Here, it's easier if you let me show you.

It's in the cabinet above our new dishwasher...
...wait, I'll just open it for you.
Here we keep the coffee and the tea...
... but why on Earth, I wonder...
... has our friend Tatu gone and put his name on the coffee bag?
Naah, actually he hasn't, but I'm nevertheless wondering why it says "Tatu" on the bag?

fredag 1 april 2011

I Heart my Kitchen

There's something weird to be found here... just wait and I'll show you.

Cupboard above stove.

*cue theme music from Jaws*

Look, it's in the lower right corner.
No, not the cayenne pepper...

... but this!
"Only for washing machines".
How quaint.


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