torsdag 30 juni 2011

Literate, and proud

"My husband has admitted that the way he remembers my birthday is that he knows it happens when it's warm - so one night when it's warm, he waits for me to go to sleep, then checks my drivers license.
Is that charming? I think so." 
- Stephenie Pearl-McPhee, knitter and writer,
aka "the Yarn Harlot", on her blog

There are times when I'm so glad I'm literate.

In fact, that's pretty much every day.

It's nice to get to snigger when you read peoples witty comments.

"Knowledge costs, or not".
Thanks Emmis for letting me play with your poem-magnets!

onsdag 29 juni 2011

Bad bloggers?

"Sorry that I've been away. I am a bad blogger."
- Neil Gailman

Why do people apologize when they haven't posted something on their blog for a while?
It isn't at all like when people ask other peoples' forgiveness for their tardiness. Or make excuses for their own existence. That last one is seriously despicable.

It's your blog. No one else's. Why the stress? o_O

On of the authors of a blog I really truly very much enjoy to read only posts about once a month. I think it's both the wait and the way he writes that makes it - truly - enjoyable.

Henceforth, I will never apologize for such behavior.

Likewise, I won't apologize for this photo.
Something I think the person who placed this sticker
(on the Theater bridge here in Turku) won't be doing either.

tisdag 28 juni 2011

the To-be-written list

Do you ever write blog post that are to be published later, as soon as you've added some things (photos, more text etc.) to them?

Well, as the dedicated Post-It girl of my family, I must say that there are soon too many blog post in my "to be written list". I need to finish writing and just publish them, but since most of them don't seem to be so in the now, I've kept putting them off. And thus, the list has grown.

This simply will not do. I need to get the amount of 19 unwritten posts on this list down to 0. Seriously.

Life is made out of lists.

onsdag 22 juni 2011

Pear door stopper

A while back, I came across a really cute and simple design for a pear pin cushion on the blog of April Moffatt Design. However, since I've already made a ...few*... pin cushions for myself and really have no use for one more... I only made one. To try out the pattern.

* I think I've made 9 pin cushions in total. So far, I've given only 2 away, and I'm currently using 4 myself... *sigh*

But we did need to door stoppers. Because the old (read: shabby) ones were not that great to begin with, and since these seemed like it could function as a door stop, I wanted to try and make 2 sturdy ones.

I used fabric I had gotten from IKEA, I think it's the one called "Lenda" or "Minna".
Anyway, 100% sturdy cotton. I sewed the seames with the tripple straight seam, so it should hold.
The leaf is made from a rest fabric I got from Riikka.
The "twig" part is made out of brown satin cord.
The "stones" I used to fill them are these.

"Hello, I'm the one with rags in my upper
body and stones in my lower body. My
leaf is accentuated."

"Hello, I'm the one with a body
full of stones and a non-accentuated leaf."

lördag 11 juni 2011

Moving helper

Helping someone move on a HOT summer day can be both fun... and tortorously sweaty.
It was 30 degrees C (and more in the sun!) the whole day, and both the moving van and the caravan we had for driving all the stuff to Helsinki was hot as a sauna. At our first stop (about 50 km down the road) I had already drunk all of my water. Had to fill my bottle with tap water from the restroom at the ABC-gas station.

That water wasn't the greatest.
Not that you're the least suprised, I bet.

Have you seen a caravan full of stuff moving down the Turku-Helsinki motorway?
Thought so... but here you can see me wiggle my red-painted tonails in a caravan full of stuff moving down the Turku-Helsinki motorway. Bet you haven't seen that, eh?

fredag 10 juni 2011

Summer came...

.... and with it an increase in the outside temperature.

Goddess, it's HOT outside. I know, I know - not only could anyone in Turku deduce that from reading friends blogs' and Fb-status updates declaring the same thing - that I shouldn't whine so much about it either. You could whine, or you could do something about it.

Like this;

I painted my toenails red. 

Or, like this;

Me wearing a gray knitted cap, and a long red scarf.
I have gone bananas.
Or so you would think.

But I haven't.

Instead, we started to have the ceiling fan in our bedroom on during the hottest hours of the day, as well as during the night. Hence the fancy flamingo outfit above. I don't want to wake up with my shoulders cramping, or head or neck aches. Micke laughed at it first, because he isn't disturbed by the rotating air at all.

It's weird to think that 30 years ago most workplaces didn't have and didn't need AC. Now, nearly every place do.

We spend more energy(=heat) to make ourself cooler.

Entropy must be cheering loudly in the background to that.

...and back again.

I know I haven't written anything lately, but I've read a lot instead. I like reading. Hope you do too.

So, to commemorate my return, I'll just post a little more now, and take up writing again next week.


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