fredag 22 juli 2011

Mom and Dad's garden

Mom and me, just chilling out on a Friday afternoon. I'm gonna be in Kirkkonummi this weekend, since one of my and my brother's oldest friends (from way back in elementary school) is gonna get married this Saturday. As a cherry on top, there's aunt and cousin+her kids still at our summer cottage that I can visit.

Lots of people to be with. But more importantly: eat with. Remember my family's unofficial motto?

Lots of wilderness here.
And Mom finally got her new garden chair.
She says it's comfy. I believe her.
True blued.
Sounds almost like "true blood". 

It's so hot, even if I'm just sitting here by the entrance. 28 degrees Celsius, and really humid. I'm so not cut out for this weather. My body just feels ill.

torsdag 21 juli 2011

I Heart my Bathroom

We got a present! The two guys who came with it put it in our bathroom.

Wanna see what it is?

onsdag 20 juli 2011

Finally, a new cover for the ironing board

I cut it out weeks ago, then I stashed it. Really good too, I might add, because I didn't find it before I got around and did the huge summer cleaning project we so desperately needed. Or actually, the apartment needed it. I just had to get myself to do it...

But, I digress.
I found the cloth rolled up, and tucked away, in a glass jar. Whoever thinks a glass jar is a good place to store a piece of cut-to-size cloth? Well... me, apparently. No idea why, though. I must be crazy. Nothing new there.

It just must have seemed logical at the time. *shakes head* Sometimes something seems so very logical when you do it, and then afterwards you wonder "what was I thinking?". Like that time when my mama chose what I should wear to my confirmation.... *mentally cringes*

New summer clothes... I mean, a new cover. Ta-daa!
Didn't take that long to sew either, compared to the storage boxes I made that took several hours. It's actually part of an old sheet that I got from Mom. There's a piece of satin cord hidden inside the seam, so you can take the whole thing off and throw it in the washing machine when needed. Which I definitively think it will need, at some point or another. 

Sewing storage boxes

Even though I and Micke live in quite a big apartment, I sometimes still feel as if I don't have enough storage space for every little thing I need to store away while I'm crafting.

So, inspired by both Lisa* and by AmandaJean's blog**, I decided to try and make some fabric storage boxes for our library. Yes, in fabric. Why? Well, since mom let me raid her fabric and cloth stash, I thought I should use it and not hang onto it forever. And with my fabric cutter, it was actually real easy, since I didn't have to spend too much time cutting with the scissors. That fabric cutter really makes a difference, in my opinion, because you don't get that much fabric dust flying in the air. Hence, not that much to vacuum :)

* Who wrote how she finally got around and bought some storage boxes for her overhead cupboards, mainly so that things won't hit her in the head when she tries to pull them out.

** A quilter, who seems to have done it all (and more) when it comes to quilting. Seriously, go and check her blog: there's huge amount of info about patchwork and quilting just waiting to be explored.

The runt of the litter, also known as "the test box".

The big brothers to the runt - you can fit four of
him inside one of these.

Even though the sides of my boxes are soft - AmandaJean uses cut-out from old cereal boxes to give the sides some rigidity - I really must say that I think they really make a difference. I got to stash some books, old toys a part of my sewing supplies in these. Which made room in the bookcases for, among other things, my sewing machine (I used to have it in our closet) and some craft things.
All the toys, as well as my birthday tiara...

All the sewing stuff, and all the  - yes Lisa, it's
not a mirage - ALL the Eddings' books.

måndag 18 juli 2011

Some summer cleaning?

We have had couch surfers, friends and relatives over for visits during odd days the last few weeks. That's nice, because before all of it I was feeling really unsocial and cooped up in our apartment.

Now, I feel like I'm this horrible person who doesn't even bother to clean her house. Not even when her MOM phones out of the blue and says "We'll all be coming for a visit tomorrow at 11 a.m".

The only thing that went through my mind during that call was "Argh, my desk is a mess, and I need to put away all the scrap fabrics". Which I didn't do. Instead, I put away things that I had used in Mikael's room.

  1. the apartment is dusty as heck
  2. the vacuum cleaner is hiding in the closet, and it's alternating between hunger striking and threatening me with sucking up all my current "on hold" craft project until I put then away safely.
  3. every plant and green thing is screaming for water
  4. the trellises on the balconies are covered with city dust
  5. don't talk about the dust bunnies under the bed; they're currently plotting for world domination
  6. and I think our computers have swallowed so much dust it's scratching the hard drives.
We need to clean.
And we don't have time. Seriously, we don't.
Other people have their summer cottages, boats and various garden project to finish. We have the autumn Christmas spring summer cleaning that desperately needs to be done, and we haven't even started,..

The plot thickens.
How about you, are your dust bunnies joining ours in their plot for world domination?

lördag 16 juli 2011

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova (summer of 2011)

For those of you who haven't been there already, the Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova is the museum of history and contemporary art. Located maybe 500 m from Turku Cathedral, it's both near the market square and the rest of the city center. And the museum closest to where Mikael and I live.

My good friend Mimi is working in the museum this summer summer, and since her sister came for a visit yesterday, Mimi guided us around the museum. I think she's a brilliant guide, and I'm not saying it just because she's a friend.

The museum is divided into two parts. The historic part (Aboa Vetus, or 'old Turku') is located in the basement, and the sections for contemporary art (Ars Nova) is located on the two upper levels. The ground floor is where the ticket office, gift shop and the Aula café is located ('aula' is the word for 'lobby', so it's a slight play on words). Click on the link to see the virtual tour.

The exhibition at the contemporary art section changes when the current exhibition has run it's course, which takes about 1/2-1 year. The current exhibition, the "Turku Biennal 2011 - Patterns of the Mind" will be on until the 9th of October (2011).

I loved seeing, again, the ruins that are left of the old merchant district of medieval Turku, and the new section covering the epochs between the years 1600-1920. Next time, I'll spend a little more time there, because there simply wasn't time enough yesterday.
I really enjoyed the Biennal-exhibition, and I'm sure you would enjoy it too. The artist who've contributed to it all have "rooms" of their own, so as you walk from room to room you're taken into their version of the theme "patterns of the mind". There were three rooms/artist(s) I enjoyed immensely:
  • Elena Gubanova's and Ivan Govorkov's graffitis, where they had taken thin calligraphy markers and drawn croquis' all over the room, many on to of one another. You could literally loose yourself in them, they were so nice.
  • Cia Rinne's play on words, in which one of the pieces was this section with small mementos is plastic bags together with small comments. Enjoyed it immensely, made me smile.
  • the room where the artist had made an optical labyrinth just by attaching black threads from focal points in the room. Brilliant, I must say.
  • the artist who had made a 2-bit calculator, which calculated away when you put switched it on.
[I know, when I visit again in 2 weeks, I'll make a note of the names and re-post them aling with the proper names of the pieces. I was so mesmerized, I forgot to write them down!]

And, since the exhibition itself is off limits to cameras, I'll just leave you with a few personal pictures instead.

Standing in the stairwell leading up to the second floor.
Tommy (Mimi's BF), Sussi and Mimi.
View from one of the second floor balconies.
Outside the museum.
Sussi watching as Mimi is taking a picture of the sea gull sitting on
top of one of the plastic eiders floating on the Aura river.
"A bird, on a bird"

tisdag 12 juli 2011

Concerning the illusion of time

"Och för er som undrar hur jag hinner kan jag upplysa om att jag går upp ganska tidigt och lägger mig ganska sent. Ljuset gör mig pigg. Och sen kollar jag typ aldrig på TV och just nu tillbringar jag väldigt lite tid vid datorn. Det ena projektet avlöser det andra och än så länge går det bra. Då har man ju mera tid."

- Anna Neah (singer, blogger and so much more)

Sorry, won't bother to translate for you, that's what the "translate" button on the browser Google Chrome is for. Or Babelfish and Google Translate. Use the tools at your disposal, don't complain.

Cobble stones at the Old market square close to the Cathedral.
I guess I should take Anna's advice, and just get up a bit earlier in the morning. Goddess knows, I stay up late most days anyway. I never said I'm smart, and sometimes staying up to the wee hours of the morning is really dumb. Dumb like "it will bite you in the [insert body part here] later" kind of dumb.

And while I'm still sitting here, wondering about what more nonsensical to write, I'll share with you the fact that I don't like the "import your blog" function on Facebook at all right now. That piece of code needs to be de-bugged, the sooner the better. Today, it's been re-posting older blog noteson my profile.


This means my profile's news feed is spamming my friends news feeds. How embarrassing, since I really can't do anything about it. Yes, I already wrote a bug report. Let's see if they're (the people employed to fix such things) able to do something about it. Hopefully. they are.

fredag 1 juli 2011


Pin that!
And look, it even has one of the buttons I got from Maria's on it!

In a post, I mentioned how I've made ... a few... pincushions. I know, who has use for 9 pincushions? And is currently using 4 of them? And why, on Earth, would you make that many pincushions to even begin with? Well...

Firstly, most pincushion designs are real easy to sew, so they're fast to make. 30 min tops, if you have all the materials at hand.

Secondly, all of the one I've sewn so far have mainly been "training exercises" for me on how to use the Clover rotary cutter I bought a while back. And, since I still cut myself on it, I think I do need training. Or a new blade for it. Or maybe both. And a safer working technique...
(yet another list *sigh*)

Thus, I won't apologize for my sewing behavior.

But, to digress, from me cutting myself to showing you a bunch of easy pincushion patterns I've found online.
the very easy pincushion

the miniature patchwork pincushions
  • the TV-show Strömsö

Pincushion inspired by botany/art
Pincushion in a tea cup
Which is yet another thing I've seen
done online plenty of times.
Although, I think this one is inspired by
if you Google pictures from the book,
you'll see her design.
  • Heather Bailey
Heather even post the pattern for this one.
This is yet another pattern I've also seen
done online plenty of times.
And there's even more to be found!  You just google around a bit. Actually, most of the time when I search online for inspiration, I just picture-google around.
At times, doing thus can really give you the creeps...

Like these eye-pincushions by Jen Segrest.
Or this Voodoo Doll by Casey Dougherty.

...but mostly it will just give you a grand display of the creativity people around the Earth really have. Just don't google "pinhead". (Yes, I attached the link so that those few that have no clue what this is about can see some nice picture of an actor in prosthetic makeup)

There are sites that even have similar lists like mine, but with patterns and/or links already attached:


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