måndag 24 oktober 2011

cont. Craft course

Too bad that I was in Italy the second-to-last day the course was held. Actually, I missed the last day too, but that was because I had the flu... but the teacher suddenly had to call in for some sick-leave, so everyone else missed it too.

Which was so not what I wanted. I wanted to make more stuff, and see how the salt-dough pieces I had made turned out.

Anyway, today and next Monday one of the other teachers were there to supervise, so I went and got my salt-dough stuff and dropped off all the jewelry that I wanted to show in the course's own arts & crafts exhibition.
They're in the photo here under; some buttons (both in Millefiori-technique and in plain modeling clay), two necklaces (one without a lock because I've run out of nice ones...) and two pair of earrings. Not much, but the rest of my pieces were... not up to such a standard that I would like to show off with them.

In short - they're ugly. It's my technical term for things-I-did-something-wrong-with-when-they-were-created.

My contribution to the course's exhibition.
The exhibition won't be built until the 18.11., so I'll have to wait until then to go and see the finished jewelry pieces the other girls/women made.

onsdag 19 oktober 2011

Sorry for this...

...but SHIT!

Warm blackcurrant juice, meet laptop. Laptop, meet ZZZZZZIUMBCRASH!

And then, say hello to Mr Paper.

This was SO what I didn't need.

lördag 15 oktober 2011

Still coffin

There's this joke that goes like this:

...so the undertaker said: "I wanted to change jobs and become a chimney sweeper, but I just couln't stop coffin!

With this joke, I'm telling you folks that I'm getting back into bed. The way we're both coughing here at home, Micke and me, I guess it's only for our own good to just rest.

Thank the goddess we did have enough energy to go shopping for toilet paper! Now that - and more tissue paper! - were sorely missed for 2 days... You should see my nose; it looks like it has had a bad acid peel.

Drinking warm blackcurrant juice.
It feels like it (and tea!) has been on the
"menu" now for far too long.

tisdag 11 oktober 2011

Bracelet di Roma

While we were in the Vatican, we managed to walk pass and through every single souvenir shop/stop that they had along the designated route.

How typically Finnish: go on the tour and buy the souvenirs afterwards, not during.


But, we were graciously allowed to walk back - thanks to a really nice security guard - so I got to buy two rosaries (one bracelet for 3 € and one necklace for 8 €) for 11 €. Well, I'm not intending to offend any catholic prayer rituals here, but I bought them so that I could make my own "Roman prayer bracelet" when I got home.

I took apart both today made charms from all but 40 of the beads and the bigger cross, made a chain from 58 pre-cut jump rings and a toggle clasp, and made a bracelet.

My own memories of Rome and the Vatican, on one bracelet. Made from scratch.

The original design idea came I got from the book "Mastering the Art of Beading" by Genevieve A Sterbenz. A most terrific book I might add. The piece I got inspired by was one called "Bisou" (or 'kiss' in French), where the theme was a Paris-inspired bracelet.

These are, or actually 'were', the original rosaries.
Yes, I know, and Micke also commented that they
look like small eyes.
The souvenir "store" was really small and totally crammed, since it was the last store on the way out. While I looked through all the bead variations that they had rosaries in, I finally chose red. Because that red bracelet was the only one left of it's kind in the shop's upstairs, or so the nice nun behind the counter told me. I found a necklace in the same red variation downstairs.

Taken apart.
These beads I found at a 'proper' bead-store in Rome,
not in the Vatican. If you only knew the trouble I went
through to get them, and to even find some beads that would
match the rosary beads. I really like the small coffee pot.
Oh yes, this store (Kouki) sure was something... But that's a story for another time. But I did consider these beads, but they would have clashed too much in color.

So, this is the finished piece.
There is a kind of symbolism surrounding the bracelet.
Firstly, I made it, just like I made my own memories of the whole journey.
Secondly, the charms all have symbolic meaning now: the "Rom"-charm made out of seed beads spells out the name of the city, the rosary-beads and the bead with the portrait of Pope Benedict XVI are of the Vatican, the large Murano-type beads remind me how I got lost while trying to find Via Dei Coronari and how I got hassled by the guy in the store, the coffee pot bead reminds me of all the great coffee we had (yes, as a tea drinker this is close to scandalous, but hey!) and the rest of the charms that I added from my own stash have bees (Pope Urban of the Barberini-family had three bees on his papal and his family's coat of arms) on them.

It really jingles as you move your arm, so it's not a silent piece of jewelry. But that is a good thing, this once at least, because the only time Rome was truly 'silent' as a city was between 5 and 6 a.m.

onsdag 5 oktober 2011

ANGST-parti coffee

Or tea, for me. If I drink coffee I get even more "angst" (or are those palpitations?), so I'll stick to tea, thank you very much.

Possibly the last post before we're heading to Kirkkonumi and wait for our flight to Rome.

Packing finally done

So, there's always some last minute detail to take care of... This time it was a small piece of sewn ribbon that held the rubbery-tie-down-strap in place on to of my backpack. Good thing I notixed, and sewed it back.

And no, that backpack isn't filled with just "my" stuff. It has all of Micke's too.

Tadaa! My blue backpack.
This is the second time it's going to Italy.
This is the strap (or whatever it's called) that broke.
I know, I know, the pink doesn't go with the blue
but pink ribbon was all I had in my stash.
So, tomorrow morning we'll all be in Rome, Italy. First time abroad with the "whole" family: mom, dad, brother and Micke. We'll see how it will turn out, but I'm already guessing that it will be super nice and perfect :)


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