lördag 19 november 2011

Crocheting Eorme

Finally - it is ready! My Eorme blanket. Since I am like everybody else that crochets and just hate to join done crochet squares, it felt like it took friggin forever to make.

Hello, my name is Eorme.
She made me wear fringes,
even though she hates fringes.
In retrospect, the most funny thing about this project is that it actually started out as a tunic.
Yes, a tunic.
But about halfway through (or up, as you were suppose to knit it from down to up) I just got fed up with the project, frogged the whole thing and put the yarn aside. This was during the winter of 2010.

Then, I read the book “200 crochet blocks” by author Jan Eaton, and thought that it had been some time ago since my last crochet block blanket. Thank you Linda for recommending it! The pattern I wanted to use is called "Fudge".
So, off I went to buy more yarn, and typically enough the Novita yarn company didn’t produce Novita Luxus Cotton anymore. It's like my Mom has always told me: "Buy enough and then at least two extra skeins the first time, because who knows..."
The few left-for-dead-yarns I found were definitely not in the colors I wanted. Typical. Only colors left were sunny yellow, light green and baby pink. Not when you want white, beige, light and dark blue. I did ask around.

Left-for-dead dark blue Novita Luxus Cotton.
Yup. Ecologically produced cotton.
The yarn you find in the SALE! bins
at e.g. Citymarket. What a shame.
So, Eorme is as large as I actually could possibly make it, which is about 1 m x 1,2 m. Not very big, but not that small either. Some yarn got left over, and those were enough to make fringes. And yes, I just hate fringes and tassels, but I thought that this time they would actually be okay. And they do look quite okay, at least in my opinion.

This is how big it is.
The trick with crocheted blankets is to start small and then do it assembly-line-style. Meaning, I crocheted ALL the centers first, darned in the ends, then started on the next color... It goes fast in the beginning, and then it sort of creeeeeeps along in the end.

I think I carried the small purse with the squares-in-progress around everywhere. I also crocheted nearly everywhere: train, bus, police station (trice!), at home, library, knit-along, at homehome with Mom and Dad, at Emmis's summer cottage...

You could fit a lot of crochet into that small black purse.
The small roundels above was what I crocheted while waiting in line the first time at the police station with my German friend Ette. She was getting some official documents, and I came along (it seems to be impossible to really get along with the bureaucracy in Finland as a foreigner, unless you have a native friend along!). This is how much I had time to crochet while we were waiting (25 small roundels... there's 5 in every pile).

måndag 14 november 2011


Ponder the phrase "..., if you want to."

I've been homehome (meaning, at my parents) the entire weekend. I spent some time with my parents, some time with Emmis, and some time with my own thoughts.

Me and Emmis went through the Arts and Crafts fair like two crafters who suddenly realized that there wasn't a whole lot for them there. I searched for some very specific thing, and not finding them left me slightly feeling like a sail without wind.

Since it was Friday, there were a lot of teachers with their
classes. I think there were both kids from elementary
and secondary school there. 
Either way, there were a LOT of people.
Best thing though, was that they DID have small workshops
with different themes. This was about using a potter's wheel.

This one was - I think - about different techniques
when spinning yarn. 
One thing I did notice, was that a lot of booths
had "ethnic" inspired crafts. The more color, the better.
Quite a contrast to traditional Finnish crafts.
I just grabbed a photo of the beads this small
company called Figulus had for sale. Really nice
people, so I do think I have to make a visit to their
shop sometime in the future. They do have an onlineshop too.
That was weird, to say the least. But if you want to make thing yourself, then you don't want to buy things someone else has already made. You want to buy the supplies, right?

I ended up checking out the books for sale, and I could have stayed there for a long long long time. Books are nice.

"You could make that yourself, but only if you want to."

Then, next day, we went to Ikea. With Emmis's lovely sister Anna's small family. We younger 'girls' babysat the 2 year old of the family, while the rest went hunting for a warderobe. They were successful, we were successful (no tears or tantrums!), which only proves that you need lots more than just 2 adults to take proper care of a small child. Hello, parents need some time off from their kids too...
And I still had time to get myself a thing or too before the check-out.

"You don't need to help, it's only if you want to."

Emmis also hosted a crafts party, but we had fewer people there due to influenza. Flu always stikes when it's the least welcome. During the evening, I made some paper earrings (my very own design) that Emmis will give her mother for Christmas. In exchange I got some yellow polka dot cotton fabric for making a yoyo-necklace.

Emmis had made some Christmas amigurumis, and had
them decorating the sofa table. These are the paper earrings.
I hope Emmis's mom will like them. If not, I'll make another pair in colors she can choose herself.

fredag 11 november 2011

Helsinki Crafts fair 2011

Even though the Crafts' fair in Tampere is the biggest Craft-related event held every year in Finland, I've only ever been to the fairs in Helsinki and Turku. Next year, if I get anyone to go with or get someone to go with me, I actually might go to the one in Tampere. But that will take slightly more planning on my part than going to the one in Helsinki: asking some friends and just take an early morning train.

This year, however, is slightly different.

Because this is the first time I've actually got a free ticket! I never win any competitions or lotteries, so maybe this is just my reward for having good karma. Nevertheless, thank you so much Sinelli!

Sinelli is one of the bigger Arts and Crafts stores found e.g. in Helsinki. And it also happens to be one of my favorites.

fredag 4 november 2011

Bad news

There's a lot of quotes flying around the internet that are somehow related to bad news and such. I will not quote any, because a while ago I heard someone say how "you can quote famous sayings and people all you want, but that doesn't make you any smarter".

This really made me more cynic. And I think it's bad, because I don't want to become a bitter and depressed woman.

But what I'm gonna rant about today is the fact that somehow bad news still always manage to come in triplicates.

First, I lost my laptop. Accidentally, but non the less still a big catastrophe. Especially since it will take a long time for me to get it replaced with a new one.

Then I heard that the group I dance tango in might not have locale for us dancers next year, and thus all that lovely group activity (all the boogie woogie, lindy hop and argentine tango) will cease.

And today, I found out that my favorite café here in Turku, Bossaliina, will also cease to exist. Which also means that our knitting circle Nekku will have to find another place for our meetings.

Of course, it doesn't do much good to bitch and whine about all of this. Especially if there's something you can do to help.
I'm currently borrowing Micke's laptop, when he doesn't have need of it. And however much I loved sitting at Bossaliina - enjoying their tea and cookies and ambient fifties music - we must find ourselves another café. Even if it's hard to find a café that's open after 19 o'clock on a weekday here. And I already asked around a bit if some of my friends have some ideas as to places with locales that are okay for us to dance in. Since it's absolutely impossible to dance on stone floors with tango shoes... unless you like falling.

Somehow, in the end, everything might still be all right.
But I will still miss the cookies.


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