A nice, quiet birthday

Little girl's facial expression when she saw her birthday cake, when we celebrated her with cake and presents in bed, was priceless.
She also really liked her presents (Pippi Longstocking's plushie horse, a wooden animal puzzle and a Brio tool box that I had found second hand and made into "Tweak's Toolbox" (Kirras verktygsväska in Swedish) to fit the Octonaut theme. I had sewn two softie carrots for it, so that it "really is Tweak's toolbox!". The Octonaut mechanic's catchphrase in the series is "I can fix it faster than you can say 'buncha munchy crunchy carrots!'"
Little boy didn't seem to understand the fuss at all, but he seemed to think that the weird breakfast was better than the normal baby gruel. So he ate cake, even if he normally hates sweets.

Little girl also managed to open her birthday card from her maternal grandparents on her own. She saw the seahorses and fishes on the card and was happy - more Octonaut themed…

Little girl is turning 3 years

It feels so typical that both kids have the stomach flu, just as we were planning how to celebrate little girl's 3rd birthday.
We had to cancel the party.
Can't have any other kids getting this stupid stomach flu.

But, as Mikael said it, why but all those ingredients if there then won't be any cake.
So, late late Friday night, the day before her cancelled party and after we had to clean up even more stomach flu mess, I baked little girl's cake.
One of her favorite TV-shows is "the Octonauts", which basically tells about these small cute creatures that work on a mobile submerged sea station as marine biologists and  explorers. Her favorite characters seems to be the medic (a penguin) and the mechanic (a bunny). So, mommy here tried to make her an Octonaut cake.

Since little boy is allergic to milk proteins, I had to try and make "margarine creme" (not butter cream) and milk free cake for it.
Thanks to the Craftsy page's YouTube-star Joshua John Russell …

What I'm working on: Pihla's quilt

Between trying to get to the end of the mountain (kid you not!) of laundry little girl's and little boy's stomach flu has generated, I finally got to work on/off today on finishing quilting Pihla's color block baby quilt.
It helped keep me sane today. Since I had mentally prepared myself for a child birthday party but got the stomach flu party instead.
No, I'm not kidding about the sane part.
But before I could start free motion quilting on it, I needed to get the recycled green and black fabrics, that I had washed and hung up to dry, cut into managable pieces. Just to free up space on the clothes drying rack. To console myself (because just cutting up fabric can become tedious, especially if you have to iron it as well...) I made myself a big cup of that white tea I had bought from Tehörnan in Umeå (in Sweden).

I have no plan for the green fabrics, so I just cut up 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 5 inch strips. I also left three larger pieces intact. The black was all cut up into 5x5 i…

Stash update 3/2018

Because I had run out of thread as I was quilting on Pihla's baby quilt I needed to get myself to Halonen (my favorite sewist store here in Vaasa). At the same time, I thought I could buy the zippers I need to fix two of my dresses, as well as some bias tape in brown they happened to have. It might work (color-vise) for the overlock bag I'm sewing, but I doubt it.

Me and the kids took the twin stroller and took the bus to the city center to do this. Little boy slept the entire bus ride, and little girl almost fell asleep sitting in my lap. After shopping, we went to the library to play for a while, and then Mikael came to pick us up with the car.

4,70 Gutermann Hand Quilting Thread 200m, color 618 4,70 Gutermann Hand Quilting Thread 200m, color 618 3,25 Scanfil All Purpose Polyester thread 200m, color 1059 3,25 Scanfil All Purpose Polyester thread 200m, color 1246 2,00 Zipper, green, 30cm 2,00 Zipper, pink, 30cm 0,75 Bias tape, brown, 1m
2,24 Ribbon, red 3.20m
3,10 Ribbon, red 2…

Quilting in the closet (studio)

When we moved into our house in November 2014, I was pregnant. In January of 2015, our little girl was born, and we finally had made some progress with getting all our stuff unpacked from the moving boxes. (She was born 3 weeks early, so I guess I was both stressing and was having nesting instinct but those boxes got unpacked -really- fast)
I had also then already gotten a crafting room (a "she shed" I've heard it be called, to counter the word "'man cave"...) set up. It was in the room that now belongs to little girl. She moved in there when she got a bed of her own in April 2015. (Before that, she slept in the "mammalådan" or "mother's box" that every Finnish child gets from the state).
Nowadays, my (oh so tiny she-shed) "studio" is located in the tiny walk-in-closet by the bathroom. It's about 1,5x2 m.
Not a lot of room, so I've tried to get rid of a lot of crafting materials. And use up, make do or do without, as t…